The world is dynamic. Be the driving force.

We build smart machine components to monitor and predict the condition of your assets.

Structural damages on machines and infrastructure are caused by dynamic loads.

The real world is a complex dynamic system: not all loads can be accounted for in the design phase.

Periodic inspections are not enough: they do not provide the data you need to make better decisions.

Most sensors on the market are not suitable: they often do not fit existing mechanical designs, making retrofitting hard.

Load-based condition monitoring

Sensorise specializes on directly measuring and evaluating all loads – static and dynamic – acting on your asset, all in real time. And we make it simple: our sensor technology is integrated into standard machine components – the mechanical components you already know so well. Retrofitting can be as simple as replacing a single screw!

Offshore Wind

SmartScrew System

Real-time condition monitoring of critical screw and bolt connections.

Sensor Structure

Custom sensor integration

Custom-built sensors that can perform diverse condition monitoring tasks.

Industrial Analytics

Industrial analytics

The power of machine learning to generate practical insights.


How it works

Pioneering sensor integration since 2009

Our mission is to fill the blind spots between periods of visual and instrument inspections. To make this as simple as possible, we integrate sensor elements into standard machine components - since 2009. Our technological approach is based on the work of many excellent brains and has been awarded several times. In 2014 it won the first price of the Schaeffler Innovation Award.

Getting people on board with condition monitoring and predictive maintenance can also be challenging. It is not only about the technical aspects but also how it can be implemented at an organizational level. That is why many organisations are hesitant about how to navigate this topic within their company. We get it. We are here to help.

With installations in Europe and Asia, we are committed to helping machine operators and infrastructure owners to better understand their asset's current and future conditions to increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Partners who trust us

How we helped our customers

Wind turbine manufacturer

Goal: Monitoring of blade bolts in next generation wind turbine prototype to verify FEM simulations.

Main challenge: Limited installation space and need for wireless energy transfer.

How we solved it: 8 SmartScrews per flange, one 8-channel IO-Link master per blade, inductive energy transfer from hub to blade, wireless data transfer from blade to nacelle. SmartBox with 32 channels, one sensor group per blade, installation routine with on-site calibration, data transfer via CANbus. Analysis of static and dynamic signal components.

Results: Verification of FEM simulation and numerical calculations, determination of Eigenfrequencies across flange, anomaly detection.

Automobile manufacturer

Goal: Monitoring a servo press in automotive production to optimize maintenance cycles.

Main challenge: Limited time-window for installation of sensor elements in fully assembled machine.

How we solved it: Sensor integration: Integrated sensor elements to measure dynamic load on structure. SmartBox with 12 channels, data transfer via websockets. Analysis of dynamic load distribution and temperature profiles.

Results: Optimized greasing-cycles result in longer operation between full revisions, classification of manufactured parts, counting of manufactured parts, detection of defective parts, process optimization yielding more parts per minute at lower machine load.

Tunnel boring machine operator

Goal: Monitoring of structural integrity of large tunnel boring machine.

Main challenge: Extremely harsh environmental conditions.

How we solved it: 8 SmartScrews in main flange of drill head SmartBox with 8 channels, local data storage, installation routine with on-site calibration. Analysis of static and dynamic signal components.

Results: Anomaly detection, optimized maintenance / revision cycles, increased operational life of individual machine components.