Bolted Flange Monitoring System

For large machinery and heavy equipment

In critical machines and equipment, bolted flange connections are widely used to join parts. Forces and moments caused by gravity, environment, rotation, and internal stresses subject the flange to variable loads. This exposes its structural integrity to fatigue failures, causing downtime – sometimes even complete losses. On one hand, preload checks of every tenth bolt often gives insufficient diagnostics to mitigate a potential catastrophe. On the other hand, inspecting every bolt in a flange is too costly. Our bolted flange monitoring system solves these problems.

The Flange Monitoring System is designed to continuously monitor the condition of large machinery and heavy equipment. Our patented sensor technology measures dynamic forces in bolted connections. By equipping the flange with SmartScrews we capture the dynamic behaviour of the flange and its connecting parts. The condition of the flange connection is monitored 24/7 and used to predict its fatigue lifetime.

Main features

Plug&Play installation

Replace selected bolts with SmartScrews and connect them to the SmartBox. It’s this simple.

High flexibility to machine design

Sizes from M24 to over M300 are possible in a variety of materials, thread configurations and standards to conform to your particular design.

Threshold warnings

Easily set up thresholds to trigger alarm notifications.

Data at your disposal

each data acquisition system can have up to 32 input channels simultaneously with customizable sampling rate. Local storage secures weeks of data in case of network failures.

Live data flange view

Real-time data visualization is invaluable for quick feedback. Our customizable dashboard is based on NodeRed, making it extremely flexible.

Built-in analytics (edge computing)

Several capabilities run locally, such as min, max, and mean values, load and frequency spectra, static load (preload/pretension), dynamic load, load cycle counting (rainflow), as well as custom algorithms.

Direct force measurement

Measure dynamic loads directly with high resolution (force: 0.01% of preload, temperature: 0.1 K) and without compromising the mechanical properties of the bolts. Integrated temperature measurement and compensation.

Limitless connectivity

Connect various fieldbuses (e.g., CANbus) to exchange data and integrate other data sources in one place.



Wind Tubines

Remote monitoring of critical bolted flange connections will help you cut inspection costs and extend lifetime of wind turbines.


Industrial Presses

Continuous monitoring of your manufacturing process will help you decide when to stop the machine for repairs and manage production quality.