Industrial Presses

Process Monitoring

Industrial presses are the cornerstone of automation in the manufacturing environment. For this reason, industrial presses should operate day in and day out. However, press equipment are under cyclic loads when making and transporting parts. When it comes to maintenance policy, industrial press operators are left with unadaptable guidelines from the manufacturer. As a result, their O&M teams struggle to decrease downtime by avoiding unnecessary repairs and costs run high when production grinds to a halt.

How to implement

Integrating SmartScrews into machine presses, robotic feeders and transfer robots is more about monitoring the manufacturing process and less about bolt fatigue. The right spot to install the SmartScrews depends on the design and type of machine press. The connecting rod bolts and the supporting bolted structure of robots are great locations for process monitoring. We usually recommend 4 to 8 bolts to be replaced with SmartScrews, together with the SmartBox. Because repairs can now be scheduled only when they are needed, machine availability will skyrocket. Our customers were able to extend the period between refits by at least 50%.

What you can do

Process quality

Monitor manufacturing quality by identifying load profiles of different manufacturing parts, as well as cycle and parts counting.

Operation & Maintenance

Schedule refits by tracking wear and tear, as well as optimize greasing intervals.