Sensorise SmartScrew System: continuous monitoring of machines and equipment

Reduce maintenance costs. Improve safety. Increase efficiency.


Retrofitting for predictive maintenance has never been so simple

Sensorise develops and manufactures intelligent machine components for continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance. The Sensorise SmartScrew System increases operational safety, decreases maintenance costs, and extends equipment lifetime.

Sensorise SmartScrews are suitable for both new-builds and retrofits. They are standard screws with a wire sensor, as thin as a hair, integrated into the base of the thread, and exhibit the same mechanical properties as standard screws and bolts. The SmartScrew is designed for harsh environmental conditions. The sensor element is completely passive, eliminating the risk of failed active electronic components inside the mechanical part. The system was created for applications in wind power, offshore infrastructure, and large-scale machinery.

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Sensorise SmartScrew System is very versatile and can be adapted to custom screw designs – contact Sensorise for your application.