Sensorise SmartScrew System: continuous monitoring of machines and equipment

Reduce maintenance costs. Improve safety. Increase efficiency.

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Retrofitting for predictive maintenance has never been so simple

Sensorise develops and manufactures intelligent machine components for continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance. The Sensorise SmartScrew System increases operational safety, decreases maintenance costs, and extends equipment lifetime.

Sensorise SmartScrews are suitable for both new-builds and retrofits. They are standard screws with a wire sensor, as thin as a hair, integrated into the base of the thread, and exhibit the same mechanical properties as standard screws and bolts. The SmartScrew is designed for harsh environmental conditions. The sensor element is completely passive, eliminating the risk of failed active electronic components inside the mechanical part. The system was created for applications in wind power, offshore infrastructure, and large-scale machinery.

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One integrated solution

The Sensorise SmartScrew System is a complete solution for the continuous monitoring of screws and bolts. The system includes Sensorise SmartScrews, SmartBox, and SmartAnalytics.


SmartScrews: easy installation

SmartScrews are mounted like regular screws and exhibit the specified mechanical properties of normed screws – making retrofitting effortless.

Sensorise SmartScrews are compatible with most signal conditioners on the market and are connected to the SmartBox, where signals are analyzed and distributed to the data center.

SmartBox: data in the right amount

The SmartBox is an edge computing device that collects signals from SmartScrews, analog- and digital inputs, IO-Link, and fieldbus. The SmartBox preprocesses the data and forwards it to data warehouses for storage or analysis.

Depending on the application, the data transmission can be wired or wireless, as well as digital or analog. The sampling rate is adapted to each application to guarantee a stable data rate and to avoid digital waste.

SmartAnalytics: info anytime, anywhere

The Sensorise team specializes in analyzing time series data, extracting meaningful information from raw sensor data, and building application-specific solutions. We cover a wide range of industrial applications: from energy generation to civil engineering to space travel – the possibilities are infinite. Solutions are deployable on-site or in the cloud.



The Sensorise SmartScrew System is suitable for applications in wind power, offshore plants, and large industrial machines, such as ship engines, tunnel-boring machines, mining vehicles, excavators, and large cranes.


Wind power

Design phase

More measurements with less effort

Strain gauges are commonly used to verify FEM simulations but are difficult to apply outside the lab. Replacing gluing strain gauges on bolts with SmartScrews enables measuring load changes of 0.1% (and less) of pre-tension.

Benefit: SmartScrews simplify data gathering, meaning more measurements with less effort.

Decrease the mass of rotating parts

The energy generated by a wind turbine increases with the power of two of the rotor diameter, while the mass increases with the power of three.

Benefit: SmartScrews mean lighter rotating parts with smaller safety factors, plus real-time static and dynamic load data.

Construction phase

Instant information about pre-tension

Even load distribution across a flange is critical for flawless operational life. But the environmental condition, as well as qualification of personnel, influence the quality of screw connections.​

Benefit: Instant access to actual pre-tension in screws – independent of tool, qualification, or weather.

Thorough process documentation

Did all go according to plan? How many different tools were used? How many data formats are required?​

Benefit: The elimination of guesswork thanks to real data from SmartScrews in combination with tool data – data that's independent of the tool and in the format you require.

Operation phase

Quickly detect broken screws and bolts

The detection of lost or loosened bolts, fatigue cracks, or overloaded screws is simple with the Sensorise SmartScrew System.

Benefit: Increased operational safety and decreased maintenance costs.

Continuous rotor blade monitoring

Equipping the blade flange with the Sensorise SmartScrew System enables wind turbine operators to monitor the blade bolts and flange, plus analyze the blade's dynamic behavior.

Benefit: Decreased maintenance costs and longer operational life.

Detect structural anomalies early

Steel frame structures are flexible and deform under load, leading to (fatigue) cracks in beams and joints.

SmartScrews can monitor slight changes over time and detect anomalies early on.​

Benefit: Preemptive measures are made possible and structural damage is avoided.​

Manage and extend equipment life

Sensorise replaces strain gauges with SmartScrews. Located in the flow of force, all acting static and dynamic forces are transmitted from rotor tip to foundation.

Benefit: No more after-the-fact structural investigations and measurements.

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Sensorise SmartScrew System is very versatile and can be adapted to custom screw designs – contact Sensorise for your application.