We turn data from bolted connections
into insights

Combining sensor integration with data science
to help you make better decisions



How we solve your problem

We use data science and sensor technology to enhance the knowledge and performance
of industrial machinery for operators and manufacturers.


Define the problem

Share your challenge.

Focusing on the motivation behind the need for a solution and understanding the problem within the wider context of the business. We know a thing or two about bolted connections, but only collaborating with domain experts on the vision and direction of a solution we will make the most impact. Whether you want to improve reliability and equipment design, or reduce the risk of failure and maintenance costs, we’ll help you achieve your goals. It's a joint effort.


Select hardware

Where to measure.

When it comes to bolted connections, there are countless designs and numerous materials in different machines on various environments. Although we have our patent technology, what is most important to us is to find the best way to solve our customer's problems, regardless of the technology. We have integrated sensors onto bolts, special nuts, tools, and flanges. All that to translate value to you.


Gather data

How the data flows.

Every customer has specific needs regarding data transfer, interfaces, integration and security. For that reason, we have developed a very flexible software application that will meet your requirements. Additionally, the information can be implemented into existing software infrastructures via Websockets or APIs. Your solution, your choice.


Get insights

The value of data to you

There is so much more to bolt monitoring than just knowing whether a bolt is tightened enough. Our goal is to find the underlying causes of problems, not just mitigate the symptoms. We strive to understand why something happens, because insights are the key to advancing your business.