Custom Sensor Integration

The core of smart machine components for industrial digitalisation.

Sensor integration is one of the core technologies of cyber physical systems. It combines in-depth multidisciplinary knowledge of physical, chemical, electrical and mechanical domains.

Expert knowledge

Sensor integration is an area of expertise within microsystems (MEMS) technology. While classical microsystem engineering uses MEMS manufacturing processes on wafer or chip level, sensor integration aims to utilize the same or novel technologies on non-wafer surfaces or bulk materials.

The aim is to integrate sensors in such a way that the macroscopic properties, such as material strength, are not affected. This requires new, smaller sensor elements as well as new material embedding techniques.

With their strong scientific background and more than ten years expertise, the Sensorise team has pioneered the field of sensor integration with award-winning developments. Applications range from force- and temperature measurement in bearings, in linear profile rails to embedding sensor elements in carbon and glass fiber parts. OEMs and tier 1 suppliers from various industries trust Sensorise to develop next-generation products.


From initial idea to product

Sensorise supports the whole product development cycle. Our team are valued experts in open innovation and disruptive product developments.


Feasability studies

Sensor development is all about mass production. Sensorise supports customers from various fields with feasability studies to estimate function and cost of novel products in the earliest stages of product development.

Depending on the development task, Sensorise works together with experts from universities, research institutes and other innovative companies to achieve the best possible functionality at lowest cost.


The difference between theory and practice is greater in practice than in theory. Sensorise manufactures and tests prototypes to characterize and improve the smart component.

With an agile approach, issues are identified and solved early, resulting in swift and effective implementation of features.

Sensorise has the equipment for most manufacturing and characterization tasks in house and the network for more extensive testing, including state-of-the-art cleanroom technology (lithography, chemical and physical MEMS process, advanced characterization, …).

Mass Production

Sensorise produces small quantities of smart components like smart pedestal housings, flange bearing housings, linear profile rails and other smart machine components.

When it comes to producing large quantities, Sensorise helps their clients to select suitable manufacturing partners and machinery to ramp up production for production capacities of several million units per year.

Expert team


Dr. Cord Winkelmann

Sensor Integration Specialist

Mechatronics, microsystems engineering and system design


Dr. Kaven Yau Wong

Particle Physicist

Software development, industrial data analytics and M2M communication


Dr. Rodolfo Faria

Computational Chemist

Process development, simulation and system miniaturisation