Digital machine components

Sensor integration enables infrastructure owners and operators understand the current and future condition of their structures.

Sensorise develops and manufactures smart machine components for continuous monitoring and predictive maintenance.


SmartScrew System

Combining Sensorise's SmartScrews, SmartBox and SmartAnalytics into one powerful package - the SmartScrew System.
Offshore Wind

The Sensorise SmartScrew System is based on Sensorise‘s patented SmartScrew technology and was specifically developed for continuous monitoring tasks in challenging environments.

The Sensorise SmartScrew System increases operational safety, decreases maintenance costs, and extends equipment lifetime.



Sensorise SmartScrew


Simple load measurement for dynamically loaded bolts: Our integrated sensor technology measures temperature and dynamic as well as static loads on screws and bolts for better maintenance management, operational safety, and maximum lifetime utilization.

Live view


Connect Sensorise SmartScrews and other industrial sensors and equipment to the world. The SmartBox acts as a gateway and was designed with maximum flexibility in mind so it can be adapted to any customer need – online as well as offline, onshore as well as offshore, on bridges as well as in tunnels.



Industrial Analytics


Our team of specialists will extract meaningful information from raw sensor data by advanced machine learning algorithms and build powerful interfaces that will pave your way towards Industrial Analytics.

Sensor Structure

Custom Sensor Integration

Sensorise not only digitalizes fasteners, but also helps customers from various industries to integrate sensors into their own products.

With a strong focus on force measurement, Sensorise’s technology can be found in automotive applications (vehicle and production), conveyors, mining, and construction applications around the globe.