29. September 2021

Press release: start of the joint project inVETra – intelligent sensor technology in wind turbines

In the inVETra project, an innovative condition monitoring system (CMS) based on a new sensor concept is being developed for use in wind turbines. The core innovation lies on the one hand in the development of sensory connection elements and on the other hand in the development of a dynamically tracked CMS.
18. June 2021

3 ways our SmartScrews help with lifetime extension of your wind turbines

To accelerate the worlds transition to sustainable energy, new wind turbines installations are being commissioned. However, there is also a large fleet of wind turbines reaching the end of their planned life. At this stage, prolonging its lifetime is one of the most attractive options. Here we provide three ways our SmartScrews help with lifetime extension of your wind turbines.
21. May 2021

How SmartScrews help scale up your wind turbine

The blades of wind turbines keep growing larger. But so do the forces on the structure. We offer a new way to offset this problem by monitoring the loads on screws and bolts to help ensure safer and longer operations.
6. May 2021

Why measuring static forces is not enough

Periodic inspections of structures and machines are mainly based on static load measurements. During operation however, dynamic forces play an important role in structural integrity.